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SUN, June 18, 2017

Summer Garden Marathon - OPEN DAY

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cost: € 1 per person

Join us for the Summer Garden Marathon Open Day initiated by the German-Dutch Foundation “In Nachbars Garten / Het tuinpad op” (“In Neighbors Garden / The Open Garden Path”). The foundation´s objective is to promote the public access and call attention to special private and public gardens, as well as parks in the north-eastern provinces of the Netherlands, Drenthe and Groningen, and north-west Lower Saxony in Germany.

Like the Koegel-Willms Medicinal Herb Garden, many of the member gardens are not open to the public during most of the year or can only be visited by appointment or with a tour. We are proud having been awarded the denomination “private garden well worth seeing” in autumn 2015 by the foundation´s jury, and since 2016 being one of the over 150 gardens registered in the foundation´s garden guide book and taking part in the Summer Garden Marathon Open Day every year.

This year, again, we are offering a special program including short taster lessons in making your own herbal vinegars, and a literary reading of the fairy tale “Das Gänseblümchen” (“The Daisy”, which is the Medicinal Plant Of The Year 2017) by H.C. Andersen presented in German at 3 pm by theatre actress Sylvia Meining and accompanied by guitarist Manuel Bunger. Of course, herbal refreshments will be available, such as herbal teas and herbal snacks.

Another highlight is the exhibition of herb paintings by local artist Elke zum Buttel.

From 4:15 pm on, musician Claus Behrens will end the afternoon with chansons on his mechanical street organ.

Potted herbs to take home (offsprings of the herbs from the medicinal garden; no pesticides, no fertilizers but our own compost) can be “purchased” for a donation, too.

We´d like to welcome everybody interested in medicinal and culinary herbs to taste and learn about their qualities. Our active herb gardeners and herbalists are available on site throughout the day to show you around, answer your questions and give you all kind of tips regarding the use of herbs in our everyday´s lives.

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