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End of Herb Season

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The leaves turn yellow and begin to fall, the nights are getting colder, the Autumn Equinox is approaching - signs that the herb season is over. This is true and not true. While the surface parts are dying back in many plants, they now concentrate their strength in their roots. Autumn, winter (if the ground is not frozen) and early spring is the time to "dig deeper". To uproot medicinal parts that lie below ground. Now it is the time of comfrey, wood avens, burdock, garden angelica, teasel, tormentil and many more.

It is also the time to enjoy the fruits of this summer´s harvest. Make your own teas from dried herbs during the upcoming cold, long nights, while cuddling up in a warm blanket on your sofa. Be thankful to have the right herbs at hand when the first cold knocks at your door.

Another way to enjoy the herbs collected during the warmer days is to use them as your own incense. Herbs such as sage, lavender, mugwort, just to name a few, can be used as a wonderful medium to burn on charcoal for a strong, aromatic smoke, to support meditation, to create a relaxing athmosphere, or just bring a pleasant scent to your rooms when using an oil burner.

Last but not least, don´t forget to plan ahead and think of the next garden season. If you consider growing plants from seeds, check out - before it gets too cold outside - if they need a cold stratification period to germinate. In that case, the next weeks are the best time to disseminate your seeds.

Whatever your plans may be for the upcoming autumn and winter season, the Koegel-Willms-Medicinal Herb Garden team wishes you a wonderful time and hopes to welcome you next year again in the herb garden.

Stay well and enjoy your herbs!

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