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SUN, June 24, 2018

Summer Garden Marathon - OPEN DAY

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cost: € 1 per person

After a long winter, nature has skipped spring and turned into summer right away. At the end of April our medicinal herbs have still been hibernating, while three weeks later many of the plants usually flowering in June, like Sweet Cicely and Horseradish, have been in full bloom and actually a few weeks ahead of their time.


Now, due to the weeks-long draught our region is suffering, plants have slowed down their growth, are back to the usual state at this time of the year and ready to present themselves to our many interested visitors - of course also due to the numerous helping hands watering our green friends every other day.


We would like to welcome everybody interested in healing herbs, herbalism, natural cosmetics, foraging, wild herbs culinary, and also everybody who just admires the wonderful “personalities” of all the forgotten native (and some non-native) medicinal herbs, to this year´s Summer Garden Marathon Open Day on Sunday, 24th of June.


Venture out exploring new and healthy recipes sipping a “weed punch” or trying a stinging nettle tart. Of course, regular herbal refreshments will be available,too, such as herbal teas and syrups, as well as herb sandwiches. Maybe you´ll even get inspired and would like to pick and create your own herbal tea blend which then can be prepared right on site. Or learn to make your own herb salt with freshly picked herbs and flowers.


Our active herb gardeners and herbalists are available throughout the day to show you around, answer your questions and give you all kind of tips regarding the use of herbs in our everyday´s lives.


Not last, many forgotten healing herbs of the past (which - by the way - are nonetheless powerful companions for your health today) sadly are almost extinct in the wild but are an important source of nectar and nutrition for also nearly extinct important wild insects. The local Nature Conservation Authority of Oldenburg will be on site from 11 am to 1 pm to inform about wild insects, insect supporting native herbs and plants, as well as insect-friendly garden design, and will be available for your questions.


If you´ve then got the herb gardening bug, potted herbs to take home (offsprings of the herbs from the medicinal garden; no pesticides, no fertilizers but our own compost) are available for a small donation.


We hope you will join us for this year´s Open Day in the Koegel-Willms Medicinal Herb Garden. All our volunteers, gardeners and herbalists bid you a warm welcome and are looking forward to introduce you to their favourite herbs.

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