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SUN, June 16, 2019 Summer Garden Marathon & 10th Anniversary - OPEN DAY

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cost: € 2 per person

Celebrate with us!

On June 16, the Koegel-Willms Medicinal Herb Garden will not only open its gates for the public as a member garden of the German-Dutch Foundation “In Nachbars Garten / Het tuinpad op” (“In Neighbors Garden / The Open Garden Path”), but also celebrate its 10th anniversary.

On the occasion of the Summer Garden Marathon Open Day we invite everybody interested in medicinal and culinary herbs (which are, by the way, usually quite decorative), to celebrate with us.

Discover the nutritional values of common weeds aka medicinal herbs and dare to dive in at the deep end: Try a bite of stinging nettle tart (not stinging anymore) with plantain and scented geranium and a sip of your choice of flower and herbal tea, syrup or oxymel. We promise it will not taste like grandmother´s medicine...

Our special anniversary program also includes a presentation of herbal incenses by Insenso di Amarella Incenses, purely natural and hand made with love by Claudia Berardi.

Looking at which ailments are the most common today, using incense may well be overlain by our modern surface for most, but deeply rooted in us and not at all outdated. The smoke of many herbs has stress-relieving effects, supports meditation and creates a relaxing atmosphere; something well worth a try to soothe and heal our souls in today’s fast-lane world.

Not last, we are happy to announce that the local Nature Conservation Authority of Oldenburg will be on site as well to inform about wild insects, insect and bee supporting native herbs and plants, as well as insect-friendly garden design. Many of the plants which are an important source of nectar and nutrition could once be found in any pasture, at the way-sides or in farm and monastic gardens, but are widely forgotten or weeded-out today, like cornflower, field marigold or common figwort, just to name a few. But take a look at them here in the herb garden and you will note that they have the potential to become a real feast for the eyes in your home flower gardens.

We proudly support the effort to bring native and medicinal herbs back into all of our yards. Potted herbs to take home (offsprings of the herbs from the medicinal garden; no pesticides, no fertilizers but our own compost) are available for a small donation.

Join us for our anniversary and discover the many different ways herbs can be used in our everyday´s lives. Our active herb gardeners and herbalists are available on site throughout the day to answer your questions and show you around.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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